Mid season upgrades

After our 6 week escapade around Spain, The Van was still in pretty good shape. None of the mechanicals were in need of attention. The outside needed a damn good wash down to scrape off the dust, bugs and crust of salt from the horrendous crossing, but that was pretty much it. The inside needed a spring clean. However, after an extended period of living in The Van, we did want to make a few changes to improve comfort and convenience…

Cab blinds

We added blinds to the windscreen and side windows in the cab. The suction-cup screen covers were a faff to store and put on, and on more than one occasion the screen flopped down when we were not in an appropriate state of attire!

Rear view camera

I upgraded the reversing camera to a dual view system. I can now use the radio screen for reversing and the screen where the rear view camera is for seeing what’s behind me. What with the driver being on the wrong side, it’s helping to make continental slip lane merges less hairy.

Tip: Driving with the blinds closed is frowned upon

Moar power! (sockets)

Before we could only charge the laptop when The Van was plugged into a hookup. I’ve fitted a power socket near the table, so we can now charge the laptop via a small inverter. Should enable more blogging!

… and fix the leak

There was one issue, the leaking bathroom tap. It was wasting loads of our fresh water and meaning we needed to dump and fill nearly every day. We should now be able to sleep in random carparks for 3 days straight. Yay!

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