We spent a couple of days in Brugges. We’d found a motorhome site that was within walking distance of the town centre. It was a popular site, despite being fairly expensive at 25 Euros a night, and we were glad that we arrived just after 11am as the spaces were filling up fast.

We have divided our Brugges Experience into 4 categories, chips, chocolate, beer and waffles.


We visited the Frietmuseum a museum dedicated to Belgium potato fries. This was more interesting than it sounds, it outlines the history of the humble potato and making chips around the world and in Belgium. The visit ends in the cafe where you can purchase fries.


I love chocolate and Belgian chocolate is supposed to be amongst the best in the world. However when every other shop in the tourist area sells chocolate the choice is too overwhelming. After wandering around the town and peering in windows admiring chocolates, tapestry, lace, and beer related souvenirs I chanced upon a shop that I know I had to buy from: Chocolat de Julie! I selected a small box of pick your own chocolates to savour in the van at a later date.


Belgium is also know for its beer and Dave wanted to have a Delirium beer so we popped in a bar to shelter from the rain. I’m not a fan of beer at all so I chose a Delirium Red which is a cherry beer to share. It was surprising good and we nursed it for a little while until the rain eased off.

We also did the Brewery tour of Bourgogne de Flandres. This is an old brewery than was revived recently. The tour explained how the beer is brewed from start to finish and how this beer is mixed with the Lambic beer from another brewery to produce the finished product. The beer in this brewery is a top fermented beer, meaning the yeast is not stressed as it is not under pressure and the brewer can skim yeast off the top of the beer instead of waiting for it to settle. Lambic beer is brewed using spontaneous fermentation, the air around this area contains enough natural yeast that the beer will ferment if left open to the air. These two beers are then mixed together to produce the final beer. Even I quite like the sweeter flavours of the beer included at the end of the tour. Dave then order a flight of beers as it had started raining again and enjoyed a leisure drink in the bar. Unsurprisingly my favourite was the Strawberry Lambic.

We also bought a few different beers from the many beer shops to keep in the van for those sunny evenings on site.


To complete the culinary experience we couldn’t not try waffles. The first waffle we had in a cafe came with an extravaganza of fruits and cream which was delicious but the waffle was only average. The second waffles we had were takeaway and these were much better, sweeter with more substance and flavour.

Got to get up early tomorrow for Brussels!

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