De Haan (The Hen)

We headed to the coast as the weather was still warm. Our guidebook recommended the small town of De Haan which has retained it’s 1930’s charm. We tried a campsite with a pool but we couldn’t check in until after 5pm which seemed pointless. We drove to the beach and found a spot to park, gathered our swim wear, beach tent which we had purchased in Hema in Amsterdam, our towels and a picnic for tea.

We had a lovely relaxing few hours on the beach, paddling in the sea, picnicking and people watching. Dave had discarded the instructions for the beach tent and we spent what was probably a hilarious to watch fifteen minutes trying to fold it back into the carry bag. We had spotted a better camping spot on the way to the beach so we moved The Van for the night and literally slept under a bridge!

In the morning we had a wander around De Haan spotting the giant art chickens. De Haan means The Hen apparently! It was a pretty little town which was clearly geared up for tourism. We then headed to our next stop, another place we had been before but wanted to revisit before heading home.

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