Back to Bruges (or Bruges Part Deux)

As we had really enjoyed our days in Bruges at the beginning of Part Deux and also really enjoyed the beer we decided to go back to stay for a couple of days and stock up on beers.

We timed our arrival for around 11am to ensure that a space would be free in the motor home park in the centre. On the drive through Bruges I spotted what appeared to be a flea market. Once we had parked up I convinced Dave that we should go and explore the market. Once we arrived Dave soon cottoned on to the fact that it was a flea market and retreated back to The Van.

I continued browsing alone and enjoyed the wide variety of items on display from toys to art to jewelry to pottery to furniture to rural items. The market was huge and I finally got tired of browsing so turned back. I had seen a lovely 1950’s German pottery vase that I liked so I bought it as a souvenir of this trip.

In the evening we sat outside the back of The Van and enjoyed the sunshine and some food and drink.

Half Moon Brewery

The next morning we headed into Bruges to visit the Half Moon Brewery. We decided against the tour and headed straight into the bar/restaurant for lunch and a beer.

Dave had a burger and I had a beef and beer stew which was delicious. Feeling rather full we then had a stroll around the centre and visited The Bottle Shop to pick up more of our favourite Belgian beers along with the Bourgogne des Flandres shop and bar and Carrefour. The Van was now laden with beer!

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