The Black Forest

After a pleasant night in the hills above Baden-Baden, where we saw evidence of wild boar digging for worms (thankfully we didn’t see any actual wild boar) we headed further south into the Black Forest region.

Wild Boar sighting

Our aim was the town of Triburg and then Lake Titisee to do some walking. However the weather had other plans. As the day went on the weather got worse so we parked up in Triburg and had a stroll around the town in between the worst of the rain.

There were quite a few shops selling traditional Black Forest crafts especially cuckoo clocks.

Cuckoo clocks are not cheap and some of them must have hundreds of hours of work in them. There were so many different sizes and styles.

This one was on sale at 3659 Euros

I bought a couple of new weights and a pendulum for the cuckoo clock that I bought at a charity shop a while ago that needs a bit of tender loving care. It also needs a waterwheel as this is missing from it however no one seemed to have any in stock despite them being very popular on the clocks we saw.


Then we decided to head onto the border with Switzerland to get a day ahead in our schedule so it was not so much of a rush to get to a tour that we are both very much looking forward to that we have booked for Saturday.

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