Quick beach stop

Yesterday morning we looked around the nature reserve a bit more, did a spot of Geocaching and then packed The Van to move further south down the coast.

We intended to stop overnight at another motorhome Aire at Castellón de la Plana. It’s a basic site, but it’s opposite a beautiful beach. Even though it’s not even Spring yet, we knew the site would be popular, but we figured most people would be leaving on a Sunday afternoon. We were wrong. Every spot was taken. Instead, we parked up in a free car space (as The Van is just about small enough) and chilled on the beach for a couple of hours to see if it cleared out.

When we got back to The Van and realised that other motorhomes were still arriving at the still full Aire every few minutes and being disappointed, we decided to drive on.


The next stop is Valencia. It was another hour on, but we still had daylight. I had ‘avoiding tolls’ switched on in the satnav, which kept us off the motorways and alongside a lot of orange fields. Unfortunately the route also took us around Valencia’s inner ring road. It was getting on for the evening rush and as previously mentioned, I don’t understand Spanish roundabouts. They are especially disconcerting when they are 8 lanes wide! We’ll pop into the town tomorrow… via public transport.

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