Purrsday in Amsterdam

After a couple of standard days of history and culture, and following an encounter with a very chilled out ginger kitty at the excellent Back to Black cafe in Amsterdam we decided to make our last day in Amsterdam Purrfect.

Our first stop was Kopjes Katten Cafe for lunch and to enjoy meeting their six resident cats. This cafe is how a cat cafe should be run. Reservations are made for a time slot so the cats can rest between visitors and the cats can stay out of reach of customers if they want. In fact while we were there most of the kitties watched us from their perches or slept with mainly the momma cat Maan being social and enjoying fuss.

We had to leave the Kopjes before our time slot was up as we needed to get to our next cat destination, De Poezenboot. This is a cat rescue run from a boat on the canal. It is only open between to visitors for two hours a day and when we arrived there was a big queue. However we made it inside before closing and got to spend 15 minutes fussing some gorgeous cats. Dave even got to give a kitty belly rubs!

Our last stop on this feline themed day was the Katten Kabinet, a museum of all things arty featuring cats. It’s in a house and consist of five rooms of eclectic cat art. Paintings, posters, adverts, statues, photos, carvings and a lovely cat tea set are all lovingly displayed. There are also a few resident cats roaming the house.

What’s the next stop? We’ve decided we need some cheese…

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