Perusing Parma

Both the mother-in-law and Nancy from the hotel in Genova had said that we must visit Parma. So we headed across and stopped on the outskirts. The afternoon was spent at the launderette taking care of washing and drying. The next morning after a lot of rain overnight we drove into Parma and after a bit of hunting we managed to find a spot by a bridge and the river. One of the massive advantages to having a van that is only 5.4 metres long is that it will fit in most normal car parking spaces.

Swollen river

The river was flowing extremely fast and was very muddy presumably due to all the rain. Lots of people were stopping on the bridges to have a look at the water rushing under.

The weather was still dull and drizzly so we wandered around the old town and admired the centuries of history. However we were hungry and not inspired so we stopped at a pleasant looking bar and I had mozzarella and tomato salad and Dave had ravioli. Some days you just do not get into a place. I’m not sure if it’s the weather, the place, our energy levels or what.


Feeling refreshed we strolled around the shops (but totally failed in buying any ham or cheese) before heading back to The Van and on to Modena.

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