We drove down to Monaco a few days before Formula 1 was due to race there. There isn’t really anywhere to park a motorhome in Monaco, and it’s even more difficult during the race weekend. Instead, we parked for the day at a sneaky car park in Beausoleil, which is the French town that sits above Monaco on the hill. We then walked down. A long way.

Monaco clinging to the hillside and looking like something designed by MC Escher

The preparations for the race were well underway. The harbour was stacked full of super-yachts and the streets were full of stalls flogging Formula 1 paraphernalia. The conversion of a significant proportion of Monaco’s streets into a race circuit wasn’t helping with the congestion. To make it worse, there were quite a few tourists in cars and scooters with their cameras rolling that just wanted to drive a lap… including a large motorhome (no idea how they snuck past the marshals, but credit to them!).

After a coffee and some much needed cake, we headed back up the hill to The Van. It turns out that 300m of steps gives you quite a sweat! We then drove further around the coast to see if we could paddle in the Med again, which we last did in Spain 10 weeks ago…

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