Koblenz was another town we visited on our Rhine river cruise a few years ago which we wanted to see again. It is a German city situated on the banks of the Rhine where it is joined by the Moselle.

View of the Rhine

We stopped at a campsite that had a view of the Rhine and Moselle confluence and had a lovely restful afternoon sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and the rare opportunity to get out the canopy (which we then hung our washing from).

The next morning we got out the Bromptons and cycled across the bridge over the Moselle into the old town. We enjoyed stumbling across some the sights we had seen on our last visit including the monument to German Emperor William I of Germany, mounted on a 14-metre-high horse, where the two rivers meet and the spitting boy that catches out the unwary tourist with a stream of water.

We then stopped at a cafe for our customary coffee and cake. I continued the trip down memory lane by ordering a Rüdesheimer Kaffee.


Asbach Uralt brandy and sugar cubes are added to a cup. In Rüdesheim, a cup that is specially designed for this beverage is used. The brandy is flambéed and stirred for a minute until the sugar dissolves. Strong coffee is added, followed by a topping of thickly whipped cream sweetened with vanilla sugar.

It is very alcoholic!

We then cycled back to the campsite to de-camp and head for our fifth country of Part Deux, Luxembourg.

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