Görlitz and Zgorzelec

As we ventured north from Prague (via the Skoda museum), we crossed over the border into Germany. A few kilometres on is the medieval town of Görlitz.

Görlitz itself is mildly interesting, but the most notable for me was it’s got a river through the middle of the town, which also happens to be another national border, so the other half of the town is called Zgorzelec and is Polish. Of course Poland and Germany (and the Czech Republic) are all in the Schengen Area, the borders are often no more than road signs. Or on the case of this pedestrian bridge, there’s no delineation at all. Just casually strolling over to another country felt a little odd to this British islander, but it also made me feel pleased that it can be so easy for countries to get along.

The German side was noticeably more touristy while the Polish side was less elaborate… but it did have cheaper ice creams and cigarettes. And lots of woven baskets for some reason?

Back over the bridge to German Saxony, we got back in The Van headed a short way west to Saxony’s capital…

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