Five Favourite Things About Spain

I thought I’d do a quick list of my five favourite things about Spain so far.

  1. The Weather – it has rained once for about 10 minutes since we have been in Spain. And we have driven from the north to the south. It is a bit colder in the mornings and evenings but in the daytime the temperature is nice, between 15 and 25 degrees depending on where we are, with lots of sunshine. I even have a little tan!
First paddle in the Med

2. You can buy cakes by weight! – In most supermarkets you can buy a variety of individually wrapped cakes by weight. They are obviously not fresh or gourmet but I love them.

3. Shops – There are a few shops that I love over here. Carrefour is a supermarket on the scale of Walmart in the USA and sells everything! The quality of the fresh produce seems good and prices are good too. They also always have nice clean toilets, essential when you live in a van. Ale-Hop is another of my favourites. They sell mainly costume jewellery, flip-flops, bags, novelties with unicorns, llamas etc on. Dave was getting cold feet in the mornings so I got him a lovely pair of slippers from here.

4. Attitude to campervans – the Spanish seem fairly relaxed about parking overnight in carparks etc. as long as you don’t partake in any ‘camping activity’ which means setting up chairs, tables BBQ’s etc.

5. Cycling – Spain has been very cycle friendly so far (except Marbella). There are great cycle paths that are separated from both the traffic and pedestrians. There are clearly marked out cycle ways in parks and on beach fronts and lots of people do cycle. We have loved exploring the towns on our Bromptons.

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