Cooling off in Oberuckersee

After Berlin, we needed two things. First was a campsite with a laundry as we were dangerously low on pants again. Second issue was the heat. Berlin had been 33C and was predicted to get to 38C in the coming days… too hot for us! Roughly 100km north of Berlin is a small area called Oberuckersee. It contains very few people, but it does have a woodland campsite with good facilities that backs on to a large, shallow and very clean lake.

Whilst waiting for a couple of loads of washing to go through the machines, we went for a dip! We’d never swum in a lake before. It was about the temperature of an outdoor swimming pool, had a lovely sandy bottom and the water was beautifully clear. It was fantastically refreshing after the stifling heat of Berlin. We really should have stayed longer, but we had a schedule!

On to the Baltic coast!

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