After a good day up Mont Blanc and a long drive, we arrived at our stop just outside Como fairly late in the evening and bagged the last spot at a motorhome stop not far from the shores of the lake. Our neighbours had a very quirky looking van in that it had a picture of a baby in an astronaut outfit who was smoking a pipe! We spoke to them and they had hired the van from a Portuguese company! They weren’t sure about the van decoration either! They did however kindly give us their spare bottled water as they were finishing their trip.

In the morning we took a short bus ride into the main town of Como. Due to us being too polite to explain we had misunderstood which station the bus driver was talking about we had to get off the bus slightly before we wanted too…

The town is quaint with plazas with cafes and lots of ice cream shops. Everyone seemed to be eating ice-cream so we got an ice-cream Brioche from a Gelato shop. Joolz choose Tiramisu, Pistachio and Coffee flavours.

However, Como is very much about Lake Como. Thankfully the weather was sunny (if a little breezy) so we took a stroll along the waterfront. The town’s dock is full of yachts of all types???

Como’s claim to fame is Alessandro Volta, a physicist and chemist. He invented the Voltaic Pile (an early battery) in 1799 and effectively became the founder of electro-chemistry. There are several monuments to Volta in Como, including a large statue, a small but impressively Romanesque museum and a modern sculpture in bay.

We took the boat back to Tavernola the small town were we had left The Van. It was only 1.30 Euro each and 8 minutes but Joolz felt slightly queasy by the time the boat arrived at our destination.

The undulous and steep terrain around Como lead us to our next stop…

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