Chocolate in Cologne

We have visited Köln (Cologne) before when we took a river cruise along the Rhine and we really wanted to come back.

We found a great little campsite on the banks of the river that allowed us to cycle along the riverside to the city centre and the Chocolate Museum. This museum is partnered by the Lindt company and I love Lindt chocolate…

Big bunny or small Dave?

We first stopped for a bite to eat in the cafe which unsurprisingly served a lot of chocolate dishes including a delicious chocolate souffle.

About to devour a souffle, mwahahahah!

We then tackled the museum which is housed in part of the old customs house on the Rhine. The exhibits show the entire history of chocolate, from its beginnings with the Maya and Aztecs to contemporary products and production methods. There is also a greenhouse with Cacao plants, a chocolate production line which allows visitors to “steal” a chocolate from the line and a large chocolate fountain.

We also saw this explanation of why Hershey’s chocolate tastes so bad. We wonder if this is true or just a slur on American chocolate?

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the samples that we got to try on the way around. I also very much enjoyed the shop.

We then cycled back into the city and had a stroll around the cathedral area before stopping at Delirium cafe for a drink. I am getting rather partial to the Delirium Red. Slightly tipsily we then rode back to The Van for the night.

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